Wednesday, 16 August 2017

R10.1 - Carnival Concero

Scotch Malt Whisky Society
R10.1 - Carnival Conceto
25 years old. 

This is a brand new rum from the society under their new #singlecaskspirits line. There's been rums in the society for a long time but it's been quiet for a few years so I was excited to hear about some new spirits coming along as I often get bored with whisky if it's all I've been drinking. 

Nose - I was expecting a bigger punch of alcohol considering it's ABV of a meaty 63.4% - one things for sure is that this hasn't been maturing in the Caribbean for 25 years, perhaps an cask from cadenheads? Creative whisky? Or someone else who has some rum casks lying about? The strength was suprisingly restrained, and even a touch closed. There is all sorts of sticky orange business going on from Lucozade to an Old Fashioned made with orange bitters, to travel sweets that remind me of going on a plane when I was a kid. Fresh and fairly fruity and not at all in the industrial vibe that we would expect from a society rum from somewhere else such as Demerara. Kola Kube sweets, almonds, fennel and cinnamon. Whopper bars, highland toffee. This is undoubtfully a Caroni, which I've tried in many different forms over the years. The Rolls Royce of rums. The whisky lovers rum as it's been known before. 

Palate - slightly hot but again not as much as I would have thought. Sweet and cloyingly thick and syrupy. Like sooking on a weather'a original. There is a more of a heavier Demerara like quality coming through now, turning from sweet into a more diesel like vibe. 

Finish - sweet and getting dryer, with baking sources. A tiny bit of sulphur at the end but more of a gun powder, slightly phenolic edge than a rubbery one. 

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