Wednesday, 2 October 2013

35.95 Invigorating and Stimulating (Glen Moray 18 year old, 1994)


Distillery: Glen Moray
Bottling: Scotch Malt Whisky Society
Age: 18
Distilled: 1994
Bottled: 2013
Strength: 58.9%
Cask: First fill toasted ex-bourbon hogshead.
Cask Code: 35.95 Invigorating and Stimulating
This one I picked up recommendation by another society member, and the reason it took my interest is that it specifically mentioned it was from a first fill toasted hogshead (ex-bourbon) and my take on this is that the cask has been freshly toasted just before filling. I am not sure how much this is done for malt whisky as the oak flavours can heavily swamp out the malt which is basically a very delicate spirit compared to some of the other big hitting spirits out there. The colour immediately says that this cask been active. Who will win, the malt or the wood?
Nose: Hot out the bottle, the first thing which comes to mind is bourbon; sweet and woody. Burnt toffee, caramel and vanilla aplenty. Take that toffee and cover it with chocolate and you get Riesen sweets. Ground espresso, and a definate nuttyness like hazelnuts and chestnuts. Fresh cigars, pledge furniture polish. A definate smokyness which is like burning newspapers on a bonfire, while eating smokey bacon on toast - and this is not a peaty smokyness but something that comes from the toasting of the wood. Little aniseed and liquorice. Not masses of fruit coming through, and any delicate esters im not picking up at all. The fruit I am getting is darker like cherry, red grapes, berrys and some dried fruit, figs and raisins.
Palate: Dry and slightly salty, with a bitterness which is good in the way of coffee, and dark chocolate. Oak a plenty. Very little sweetness in the mouth at all.
Finish: Long and oaky with cigars, clove and pepper, a touch of liquorice, and a toasted nut tail.
The malt is close to being lost here, but it is there if you take your time with it. This is by no means an easy drinker in the sense that it has so much to open up if you don't just want a punch of wood. It is busy and complex and will reward your time.

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