Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Balblair 1990 (cask 1466)



Distillery: Balblair
Bottling: Own Bottling (master of malt exclusive)
Age: 23
Distilled: 1990
Bottled: 2013
Strength: 50.4%
Cask: Ex Islay

Balblair 90 (cask 1466)


I need to discuss the peat elements up front, and what comes through on the initial nose is smoked pork but leaning towards the saltier, dried, cured direction rather than freshly roasted. Not being a big Islay connoisseur definate hints of Hospital Corridor, but not in a bad way and reminding me more of a spicy clove note than antiseptic.
Mango always comes through for me on Balblairs, but new is a sharp tang of something like apple juice. A tropical note of coconut and sea breeze lingers at the back, with a little vanilla spiced creamy toffee.


The peat comes to the palate first in an earthy, autumnal way. A little of the coconut and fruit comes through once the mouth gets used to the peat.


Bright and fruity at first, fading to bonfire smoke and burning tyres. Woody with a little cereal note like wheat.

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