Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Longrow Rundlets and Kilderkins 11yo


Distillery: Longrow (Springbank)
Bottling: Distillery Own
Age: 11
Distilled: 2001
Bottled: 2013
Strength: 51.7%
Cask: Rundlets & Kilderkins.

This Rundlets & Kilderkins is unique in that the malt is matured in small casks called Rundlets & Kilderkins. The smaller casks meaning more wood is contact with the spirit and quicker maturation and more flavour. As the casks were smaller, they were often used in the smuggling trade in which was Campbeltown a stronghold.


First nose comes the smoke like a wood burning stove. After I get through the peat comes a lot of sweetness in the form of treacle, Toffee apples, and Maple Syrup.


Chewy Toffee and melting chocolate. Spicy.


Bitter sweet treacle, dark roasted coffee and vanilla. Rich and warming.


I normally find peated malts hard to deal with but this is really delicious when I get past the initial smoke. The other aromas the flavours really shine through.

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