Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Port Dundas 20yo (Cadenhead's)


Type: Single grain
Bottling: Cadenhead's
Age: 20
Distilled: 1989
Bottled: 2009
Strength: 55.4%
Cask: Bourbon Hogshead

Having recently tried a delicious Girvan single grain from the SMWS I thought I would try a single grain for myself.


Sweet ripe banana flavoured nail polisher. Pineapple & Coconut flavoured Turpentine. Rubbing alcohol.


Sweet, Wheat Beer


Cereal. Paint.


Might be the most expensive paint stripper I have ever bought. Tastes too much of raw spirit which I assume is the distillation to a much higher ABV before maturation. Little flavour impacted from the 20 long years maturation. Maybe I just know nothing about single grain whisky but this is not for me.

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